The Only Subscription You Can’t Cancel

The year 2019 is almost over. The decade is almost over! Everything has seemingly moved by so fast. The modern world – cell phones, new cars, advanced medicines – surrounds us all. Everything always seem to keep us busy, but what exactly keeps us going?

This decade has been known for a lot a things, but one of the things I think of most is our monthly subscriptions. Not our bills and payments, but subscriptions like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Google Play, even Disney Plus made their place among this decade. We make a payment only each month, something fixed, sometimes a free trial for a limited time, just so we can enjoy some extra benefits, entertainment, and games. One of the cool things about these subscriptions is that you can cancel anytime and almost anywhere!

Usually people cancel to save money or to switch to a better subscription elsewhere, but mostly they cancel to save their time and interest in it. These “interests” have a cost to them. They cost time. They cost money. They cost something of our own to put in some effort to enjoy them. Anytime it costs us something inconvenient of our time, we cancel. We unsubscribe. But what about a subscription you can’t cancel?

We have our fixed bills, our timely interests, our entertaining subscriptions, but what about the most important subscription of them all? What about the life debt we owe? What about the Christ we follow and believed in to take away the penalty for our sins?

The moment we accept Jesus Christ as our personal Saviour is the moment we signed over our entire lives, souls, and spirit to Him. We are made alive through him and forever, He is ours and we our His.

Yes, salvation saves us from sin. It saved us from a certain death and in no way can we ever satisfy a payment equal to what has been given us, but we can do something, can we not? Since this is a subscription you cannot cancel, we can at least enjoy the benefits? But why just enjoy the benefits when you could have more.

Yes, more. Whenever you subscribe to something, say Hulu, there is always a bigger package for a bigger price. You have the basic package which already gives you everything you need, but you could pay more for the premium, which gives you ultra benefits and more freedom. The same way somewhat works with our subscription to Christ.

We CANNOT lose our basic subscription with (“…sealed until the day of redemption…”), but we could pay for more. Pay, how? Our time, our effort, our will, and our mindset is suitable enough. All God wants from us is us. That is it.

He. Wants. US. And that is enough. The more we put in, the more we can get out of the eternal benefits of God. Joy, love, peace: it surpasses all other material benefits we can ever receive.

The subscription of salvation is the greatest gift, the greatest purchase of all time and we can never cancel it, nor lose it. The benefits are ours for the taking, but we can always have more we can take in if we put in more of ourselves. There is always a cost, a trade, a payment to be made for those benefits, but the real question is, how much are you willing to put in to have more?

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